Alison’s memories of her confirmation and being a “Greaser” at the Hall

These are a few of my memories of the Memorial Hall in my youth.     In the late 50’s I joined the Brownies, held in the Memorial Hall when Rev Christopher Wansey was still the Rector at St Mary’s. I also went to the Sunday School in the Lower Hall with my two sisters. Our Teachers were lovely ladies called Annie Page and Olive Large.     When The Rev Wansey left, Bob Birchnall arrived at St Mary’s and was known for his Jimmy Budlington stories. Jimmy was always getting into trouble but there was always a moral at the end.

In 1969 I remember standing in the church the day after it had burnt down. The services were then moved to the Memorial Hall until the church was rebuilt. I was therefore confirmed in the Memorial Hall in the October of 1969.

Geoff Brown and Gerald Broadbent were curates who joined Bob Birchnall and they were known as the 3 B’s, performing on the stage in the Hall at the Harvest suppers.

I went to the Youth Club in the 70’s, which was held in the upstairs hall, with table tennis tables downstairs and many a Sunday evening you could see a group of “Greasers” bopping away to Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”!!”

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