Penny’s memories of ballet, Brownies and Agape at Woodford Memorial Hall

My memories of the Memorial Hall go back to early childhood. My older sister used to attend ballet classes there and trod the boards as an autumn leaf  wearing a maroon satin costume decorated with russet leaves. The Del Sarto School of Ballet was founded by Francesca Highfield and later taken over by Juan Sanchez. [...]

Jean’s memories of being bombed and evacuated from Woodford

Interview with Jean Deborah: Jean, you’ve told me that you moved to Woodford in 1930.  How old were you?  Jean: 18 months, give or take. And I’ve heard that you were one of triplets? That’s correct. Were there, 2 girls, 1boy or 2 boys 1 girl? The triplets were 2 identical twins my sister Jacqueline […]

Alison’s memories of her confirmation and being a “Greaser” at the Hall

These are a few of my memories of the Memorial Hall in my youth.     In the late 50's I joined the Brownies, held in the Memorial Hall when Rev Christopher Wansey was still the Rector at St Mary's. I also went to the Sunday School in the Lower Hall with my two sisters. Our Teachers [...]

Anne, Carol and the Doodlebugs

Interview with   Anne and Carol   Anne:   We lived in Montalt Road Woodford Green, which backed onto Highams Park and we had a wonderful childhood because we had the freedom of roaming around Highams Park.  In 1947 they built prefabs at the back of us, obviously to house people that had been bombed out in [...]