Roger’s Memories of helping at the Hall as a young man

Interview with Roger   12 March 2016   Deborah: Roger thank you so much for doing this for me.  Roger: You’re welcome. So, some of your earliest memories of the Hall are connected with the junior school prize giving.  Can you tell me about that in your own words I can really just remember that my […]

John Hutson’s – 50 years dancing at the Hall

Memorial Hall History …..John Hutson   I have been running a Ballroom & Latin American dance school at the Memorial Hall in South Woodford for about 50 years. I am now in my ‘senior years’ & still going strong. I was introduced to dancing originally when I was a very young man & attending Wanstead […]

Cathy’s memories of a 42 year association the Hall and Woodford

Deborah: You’ve lived in the Woodford area for 42 years. Can you tell me some of the changes you’ve noticed in that period?  Cathy:  Its changed completely.  When I first  moved it was a very white middle-class area.  Over the years more and more people of different nationalities have moved in.  We’ve got wonderful Turkish […]

Patricia’s Memories of being a Court Usher

Interview with Patricia Deborah: Can you tell me when you started working for the courts?  Patricia: I lost my husband in February 1968. He was in the police and a police officer used to take me to see him in Barts. After George died he said “you’ll need a job, I’ll have a word with […]