Michael, One Ego and Punk

 I was born in Beverley Crescent in Woodford and my first memory of the hall was when I was around 4.  Mum and dad went to St Mary’s Church and a fancy dress party  was being held at the hall.   I am not sure if this was before or after St Mary’s was burnt down.  My mum made me a  costume  and I went as St George.  I think she used an old bedsheet and she made me a crown.  I won first prize and remember being very proud.

I went to Bancrofts School and  in 1980 when I was around 17 my friends  Mingle, Jim and Tom decided to form a band.  The late 1970s and early 1980s was a really exciting time and Punk Music was all the rage and we set up as a punk band called One Ego.  We took the name from a track of a band called Scrambled Ego.

I can’t really remember who booked us to appear at Woodford Memorial Hall it might have been the band we were supporting who were called Jump Squad, I do remember that we performed at the Hall in approximately 1980.  We had a fairly decent crowd of supporters between the age of 14-19 who were a mixture of punk rockers and those who were just curious.  I do remember that there was illicit drinking and a few bottles of cider tucked away, loads of people smoking and it was very loud and raucous.  The lighting system was very old and very basic and I felt as if we were on a big stage, though I realise now that we were not.

The band split  up in 1981 when we realised that we were paying out more in rental costs than we were collecting at the box offices.  As I said before it was an exciting and fun


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