Phil Joiner – Memories of Woodford

623 Napier Arms Woodford

As a child I remember walking home from South Woodford to Woodford Green and could nor see my hand in front of my face with all the fog ( or Smog) I think I must have strayed into the High Road on many occasions and was lucky not to have got run over.

I have great affection for the Trolley Buses that turned round opposite Napier Arms (the turning is still there and full of cars from Woodford Motors.)

Trolley Buses in Woodford

Thanks to Hugh Taylor for contacting John Laker who kindly provided the photos for this article

I can remember the Trolley Bus numbers which were 581  ( I think this went to Bloomsbury, plus 623 and 625 which went to Manor House.) I travelled a lot on these Trolley Buses and many a time the bus came off the rails!!

I was in the Ralph Reader gang Show at The Memorial Hall as a Cub so I suppose that was about 1956. I remember the terrible thick coated make up we had to wear and singing ‘I’m riding along on the Crest of a wave’ and still remember all the words.

I also was a member of The Westdene Table Tennis Club at The Memorial Hall for many years and went to the funeral of one of their members (Hazel Mears) a couple of weeks ago.
Now I go there with the WWU3A on a monthly basis so I continue the connection!!