Re-opening of the Memorial Hall 19/9/2015

In 2015 for the first time in 113 years the front of Woodford Memorial Hall was closed for almost 3 months from July.  It re-opened on the 19th September 2015 after refurbishment of the floor and restrooms.  The original floor had been in situ for 113 years and the splinters in places were almost 12 to 18 inches long.  The floor was replaced after a huge fund raising drive and residents of the Woodford raised 20% of the refurbishment costs with the balance of the monies  being raised by the following grant providers, Heritage Lottery Fund, Grange Farm Trust, Pilgrim Trust, London Over the Border Fund, Garfield Weston Foundation, Foyle Foundation, Bernard Sunley Foundation, Beatrice Laing Trust, All Churches Trust, Charles S French Trust, City Bridge Trust.

The 19th September was one of those perfect Indian summer days, the Mayor, Barbara White attended and even joined and sang with the Jazz Band.  As ]part of the  Exhibition I had displayed  a photo of Winston Churchill with a Councillor circa 1950, I was intrigued when I saw a gentleman and his son really looking at this photo, I went over to have a quick word with the gentleman and found out that the Councillor in the photo was his grandfather, it gave a lovely of sense continuity and history.  I think the comment I liked most was when a gentleman approached me who was an architect, he loved the building.  He went on to tell me that he had read every word of the Minutes of the Trustees which I had displayed and couldn’t get over how beautiful the hand writing was.  It really made me smile.  I think though my overriding impression of that day was the sense of community and cohesion that was obvious when observing all the volunteers from Woodford as they all pitched in to make it a really great day.